Tools for geographic exploration


On the left side there are a large number of "layers" in groups. A group is expanded to show the layers in it by clicking on the triangle to the left. Each layer can be turned on individually by clicking on it.

A layer contains information about natural, man-made, legal or demographic characteristics that can be laid out on a map. For each layer, there is a stack button on the right to show/hide its legend (the legend is only visible when the layer is visible) and other information about the layer, and a "..." button to allow adjusting the opacity of the layer.

Main toolbar

The toolbar at the upper right of the page has the following buttons:


In the bookmark list you can bookmark the current view, give it a name, delete old bookmarks or go to an existing view. Click on the name field to change it. A view includes the center point, the scale, any visible layers and any graphics/text that have been created.


The search box allows zooming to an address.


The drawing toolbar contains the following items:

Click on a drawing toolbar item to begin drawing a new object, then click on the map to place it or start drawing.

After placing a drawing item on the map, it can be selected by clicking on it. Text items can be repositioned but not edited in other ways. Lines, polygons, rectangles and ellipses/circles can be resized, rotated and have their vertices adjusted after selection. When an item is seleted, there is an option in the drawing toolbar to delete it.

Drawing items are only saved in bookmarks. If you do not bookmark your work, it will be gone when you return to the app.

More info

See the overview page of the map for details on each layer.

Questions or suggestions to info@mauigis.org

Points, lines and polygons